Press Release: Harlow Beauty offers the latest beauty trends to locals of Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ – Fuller eyebrows have been the hot topic of the beauty community for almost over a year now. There are many techniques to fill them ranging from pencils to dips to gels, some of which claim to promote hair growth. For some, shaping their eyebrows every day can become tedious but it is possible to have full, fabulously shaped brows without the hassle of doing it every single day. Microblading is the newest brow trend that ensures great eyebrows and the people of Mesa, Arizona can now find it at Harlow Beauty.

Harlow Beauty is a newly opened business that is run by an esthetician who has more than 12 years of experience. Her spa experience comes from years of working in luxury spas in Hawaii. As a company, they believe in delivering the best experience possible for their clients. Their services include spa facials, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, organic spray tan, and the increasingly popular trend of microblading.

Microblading is a form of realistic eyebrow tattoo that requires an expert to deposit pigment underneath the skin. Unlike with regular tattooing methods, microblading does not use a machine but rather a manual handheld tool that makes the strokes appear like real natural hairs. The process takes time, especially for new clients, for those interested be sure to make more than two hours available for the procedure. Much like tattooing, the pain is more bearable for some than others. People who want microblading should be sure to avoid pain relievers, alcohol, and retinol a week before their appointment. These items are blood thinners and can increase the chances of bleeding. Aftercare is essential, those with microblading should avoid anything that can cause excessive sweating. The full, natural looking eyebrows produced by microblading are perfect for anyone looking to up their brow game.

For some, doing their eyebrows every day can bring them satisfaction. For others who get tired or are too busy to do their brows from day to day but still want those perfect, filled brows, there is a solution. Microblading is a semi-permanent solution but those who do it don’t have to worry about their brows for over a year. Those who are interested should research the steps they need to take before and after the procedure.

Those in the Mesa, Arizona area can find this information and more about Harlow Beauty at their website

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Company Name: Harlow Beauty
Contact Person: Brooke
Phone: 4807889860
City: Mesa
State: Arizona 85210
Country: United States

Unique Types Of Pizza

We all know that pizza is something that we all eat and something that is very, very popular in the UK as well as the world, but do you know all of the different types of pizza? Most people do not, but that is exactly what we are going to explore in this article!

First and foremost, New York Style pizza is up on our list and for those of you that do not know what this kind of pizza is all about, we are going to explain it to you. Firstly, it is a very thin crusted pizza and it is not something that you want to have a lot of toppings on. You also want to eat it folded up, for it is usually huge.

The next up is actually the California pizza. This is actually a thin crust pizza and while the New York pizza is typically high in fat, the California pizza is anything but. They load their pizza up with many different organic toppings and depending on when you go, you will be able to get some awesome toppings.

Chicago style pizza is going to be the next form that we talk about and this is one of the most popular types of pizza. Chicago style pizza actually has a very, very thick crust and it is actually made with butter and oil. The crust is more like bread than anything and the cheese is something that goes on top of the toppings, instead of the other way around.

Finally, the last kind that we are going to talk about is the Neapolitan and this is actually one of the few pizzas that do not carry an American name and the overall preparation of the pizza reflects it. This pie is super thin and actually is cooked in a brick or wood-fired oven.

As you can see, there are a ton of different types of pizzas available; you truly just have to find the one that suits your taste buds. Or you can try them all!

Sneak peak at our new menu…

While you’re waiting for us to re-open, we wanted to share some great news! We’ve acquired a new pizza chef, re-located from the USA. He has years of experience making incredible brick-oven style pizza. We’re proud to introduce Bruce Patterson – formerly of Pacific Pizza & Brew in Bend, Oregon. Help us in welcoming Bruce to our family and bringing some rustic pizza style to our new happy hour menu. Welcome, Bruce!